Mechanical service

Bolt joint maintenance

Our maintenance team, composed of highly skilled and experienced engineers, performs work on ensuring tight flanged connections in a professional and environment-friendly manner.
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Onsite Machining

This service provides portable machines and skilled personnel to meet the requirements of industrial enterprises.

Our company offers a wide range of portable machines which ensure tolerances as if machined in a shop – be it a flange, heat exchanger, tank hatch or manhole, pipeline, or process equipment connection.

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Hot Tapping & Pipeline Plugging

The hot tapping technique is used to connect a branch line to an active pipeline or tank under pressure.

This method uses a drilling machine that includes a power-operated boring bar, which actuates the cutting tool, and a valve to be installed temporarily or permanently, as required by the application, which allows the drilling machine to be removed after drilling.

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Leak Sealing Services

Our company provides a full Leak Sealing Service on high-pressure pipelines and tanks with no need to stop the production process. The contents of lines where leakages can be eliminated include water, vapor, hydrocarbons, and numerous chemical agents.
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Pressure valve testing

This technique allows to test and certify safety and relief valves with no stoppage in production. The system may also be used during scheduled repairs in order to check valves for operability, which eliminates the necessity for their removal for repair which is actually not needed.
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