Industrial cleaning

Integrated tank Cleaning

Depending on the design and dimensions of a tank, as well as the type of the product it contains, we clean tanks manually with water under high pressure or automatically by washing wax-containing deposits with heated oil, using programmable washing nozzles. Any washing method uses equipment admitted for operation in explosive environments.
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Catalyst service

Caspian Interindustrial Company specialists, in cooperation with the Company’s partners, provide a full range of services relating to process unit maintenance.

All works are performed with use of certified equipment designed for operation in the nitrogen environment and with pyrophoric (self-igniting) сatalyst materials.

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Chemical cleaning

Caspian Interindustrial Company, in cooperation with its partners, provides chemical cleaning for various process units and equipment within a short period, without their disassembly, effectively dissolving deposits and causing no damage to materials and the environment.
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Land reclamation

A package of measures for restoring disturbed land productivity while using natural resources as well as for improving environmental conditions.
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