Composite repair


REINFORCEKiT® 4D (R4D) is an advanced permanent composite repair system for pipes suffering from corrosion defects and mechanical damages.

The original 3X ENGINEERING concept is a combination of Kevlar® tape and specific bicomponent epoxy resin, which allows a safe and easy installation unlike any other products on the pipeline wrapping market.

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STOPKiT® is a revolutionary concept patented by 3X ENGINEERING to seal pipe leaks online.

It is today the only efficient leak repair system which can be applied on high pressure leaks in few minutes.

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ROLLERKiT® is a patented innovation by 3X ENGINEERING for pipe and support protection against corrosion. It can be used as a preventive or curative repair system.

Thanks to its characteristics, ROLLERKiT can also be used as an impact protection shield (erosion prevention, thermal insulation protection).

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DKiT® is a combination of several epoxy resin products, developed to protect beams against corrosion. It is applied on the lowest part of the support, on the junction area of the structure basis which is the weakest part due to corrosion development.

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TANKiT® has been designed on the basis of REINFORCEKiT® 4D technology for repairing through holes in tanks and separators.

Online installation allows to extend the service lifetime of your equipment until its replacement.

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